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Personal Injury


Accidental injuries can happen anywhere - at home, at work, in your car. In fact, they happen more often than you might think, resulting in serious injury, disability or even death. The National Safety Council has reported that in the United States alone, a disabling injury occurs every 1.5 seconds and a fatal injury occurs every 5 seconds.

If you are injured in an accident it is wise to immediately contact an attorney specializing in personal injury accidents. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Nolan and Nolan, P.C. have been representing clients in personal injury cases throughout Massachusetts since 1964. We will explain your legal rights and will guide you through the insurance claims process so that you receive your rightful compensation for all losses you suffer. We have helped hundreds of injured persons recover the monies they are entitled to, and we can help you too. More than 85% of our new personal injury cases in the last five years have been referred to us from satisfied clients.

The personal injury lawyers at Nolan and Nolan cut their teeth in the field of accidents by representing insurance companies for many years. This gives us invaluable insight as to the concerns of insurance companies regarding their potential exposure and vulnerabilities. This allows us to frame your personal injury claims in a manner which will maximize the results for you.

The personal injury attorneys at Nolan and Nolan are experienced in all matters involving personal injury including automobile accidents caused due to bus, train, truck, boat, motorcycle, bicycle or bike collisions, wrongful death claims, work related accidents, slip and falls, pedestrian accidents, defective products and more. We as injury lawyers represent a wide range of catastrophic injury cases from injuries to head and brain, back and spinal cord, neck or any bodily injury. In addition, whether you're facing or tasked with defending a dog bite lawsuit, our Massachusetts dog bite lawyers can help. We know how to get your medical bills paid and money in your pocket for the compensation you deserve. We offer free consultations in personal injury lawsuits to advise you of your rights.

Many people who have been injured in an automobile accident suffer not only personal injuries, but also property damages, lost wages, and out of pocket expenses. It is only then that they realize that under Massachusetts law, their own insurance company may be legally required to pay the first $2,000.00 in medical bills and/or lost wages if they have health insurance and up to $8,000.00 of medical bills and/or lost wages if they do not have health insurance, regardless of who was at fault. This oftentimes creates an adversarial relationship between the injured party and their own insurance company. The professionals at Nolan and Nolan, P.C. are prepared to ensure that your medical bills are promptly paid and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to as a result of being injured. In cases such as wrongful death, coping with the loss of a loved one can be one of the most painful times of your life and during your grieving period, consideration of a wrongful death lawsuit may not seem urgent-however, some cases must be filed within a specific time period or you risk losing your right to financial compensation. During such times, you will need the help of an experienced, wrongful death lawyer to guide you through the process.

We work to ensure that you are reimbursed for all damages you suffer including property damages to your automobile or other property; lost wages for missed work; payment of your medical bills; reimbursement for out of pocket expenses, as well as compensation for personal injuries sustained.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Every year, over six million people are involved in automobile accidents, and over three million of those are injured. If you are in a motor vehicle accident, first seek the medical care that you need, then consult a personal injury lawyer. If you are injured, the process of taking a case to court is not fun, but it can make a difference if you select experienced auto or car injury lawyers at Nolan and Nolan, P.C. We will provide a free consultation to explain your rights. We can also help:

Work-related Claims:

Millions of workers each year suffer disabling injuries on the job. In Massachusetts, an injury on the job typically requires the employee to file a Worker's Compensation claim against their employer to recover lost wages and damages for impairment. Typically, pain and suffering are not injuries that can be claimed by an employee against an employer. We as experienced workers' compensation lawyers take the time to investigate and determine whether there are any other parties that may be responsible for the injury, which can allow an employee to recover for bodily injuries. Filing a Worker's Compensation claim entails wading through an array of court forms and figuring out the appropriate procedures. This can be time-consuming and frustrating. Nolan and Nolan can help. Call us today for a free consultation. You may be entitled to:

Slip and Falls:

Each day, thousands of persons are injured as a result of falling due to the negligence of others in leaving a scene in an unsafe and dangerous condition. Others are hurt due to snow and ice being left in an unnatural manner. If you are injured in such a manner, attempt to document the defective condition by taking pictures immediately. This will protect your rights. Even if you were unable to document the defective condition, you need an experienced slip and fall attorney immediately so that we can take the steps necessary to preserve and document the problem causing the injury. Having proof of a defective condition will validate your claim and make it much easier to convince the responsible party to settle your claim fast and for fair value.

As a result of sustaining injuries in a slip and fall, you may be entitled to:

"I fell on some broken tiles at a supermarket causing permanent injury to my arm. Fortunately, I was referred to Nolan and Nolan. Attorney Mark Nolan handled my claim quickly and professionally. I am very happy with the results Nolan and Nolan was able to achieve for me. I would highly recommend Attorney Mark Nolan to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney."
Mary G.

"I was hurt at work when a door came loose and hit my shoulder causing awlful pain and lost motion to my shoulder and arm. Fortunately I hired Mark Nolan to represent me. He did a fantastic job! I would give an enthusiastic two thumbs up to Mark Nolan and the Law Offices of Nolan and Nolan. Thanks."
J. W.

"When I was hurt in a car accident, the insurance company for the other driver kept trying to ask me questions and sign papers. I didn't know what to do. I was given the name of Attorney Mark A. Nolan. I called him and the insurance company never bothered me again. He was able to settle my claim quickly and for much more than I would ever have expected. Thanks for everything you did for me."
Scott S.

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