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"When I was going through a divorce, I hired Mark Nolan to represent me. I had been given Mark's name from a friend who had used him in his divorce. I liked the fact that he came personally recommended. I always felt comfortable knowing Mark was there for me. His rates were reasonable and he did a great job. Thanks."

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Family Law

One of the most difficult and stressful times in a person's life is the end of a marriage. This is when you need a qualified attorney to protect your interests the most.

Make sure you trust your own divorce attorney. We cannot stress this enough. While the vast majority of family law attorneys are looking out for your best interests; there are some who recognize that the nastier a family law matter gets, the larger the fee they may receive.

Family law matters are stressful enough without having to second guess your own attorneys' actions. At the Law Offices of Nolan and Nolan, P.C., we aim to resolve matters efficiently and effectively; however, we are more than prepared to defend your rights against an unreasonable opponent.

We have represented countless clients in family law matters. We take the time to understand your particular situation. We clearly explain the process and your options.

In addition to divorce matters, we handle child support matters, custody disputes, contempt cases, alimony related issues and guardianships of both minors and incompetents.

If you have a question about your legal rights, give us a call in order to set up a free consultation.

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