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"I was served with a lawsuit in Superior Court over the ownership of my home. I was given Mark Nolan's name as an attorney who could help me. Attorney Nolan kept me informed of what was happening and ultimately won a jury trial in New Bedford Superior Court where the person who sued me received nothing. I am very happy with his results."

"I own a multi-unit home. I had a tenant who was not paying her rent and making everyone else's life miserable. I called Attorney Mark Nolan from Nolan and Nolan. He quickly served the tenant and had her in court. She was out of my property right away. I have only had one other problem tenant and Mark Nolan was able to remove that tenant as well. I would recommend Mark to anyone."
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The law Offices of Nolan and Nolan are experienced in business litigation and general litigation. We have successfully represented clients in federal and state courts and before government agencies such as the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Division of Insurance Appeals and Registry of Motor Vehicles. We have also represented our clients in Superior and District Courts as well as the United States Federal Court for the District of Massachusetts.

In the event that you find yourself named as a party to a lawsuit, get legal advice immediately. Many times a person will seek legal advice only after they had failed to respond to a complaint filed against them. Failure to respond to a complaint may result in that person being "Defaulted". If a default judgment is entered against someone for failure to answer, and more than one year passes, it can be extremely difficult to have that judgment overturned.

Judgments, even Default Judgments, last for twenty years and can sometimes be extended. Also, Judgments are awarded 12% per year in post judgment interest.

Oftentimes our clients are in need of an attorney to pursue a legal claim. At Nolan and Nolan, we take the time to understand the full impact of your claims and anticipate defense strategies. Having years of experience doing insurance defense work, we have a unique ability to frame a client's claims in a manner which maximizes results.

If you find yourself in the need of an experienced litigator, don't hesitate to contact Nolan and Nolan. We are happy to provide a free consultation in order to answer your questions.

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